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The Biltmore Hotel × The U

In honor of the inauguration of President Frenk @President_Frenk at the University of Miami @UnivMiami. One of Miami's biggest landmarks, the Biltmore Hotel @BiltmoreHotel was lit up in University of Miami colors by Event Facto...
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The Last Taino

The Last Taino The Taino indians were the principal inhabitants of most of Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti), and Puerto Rico and met Spaniards in the 15th century.  their history is filled with myst...
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Siblings – Review

Actors: , ,

Our Review 4 / 5 - Very Good
by Jorge Larrea




SHORT FILM: SIBLINGS Siblings starts off like most conversations between a sister that needs a favor from her brother, with a bribe. Katalina Viteri (Mari/sister), Rudi Goblen (Tito/brother), and Ivan Nodal (Luke/sisters husba...
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Pepe Billete × Hotline Balsa

Pepe Billete × Hotline Balsa Just when you thought Drake's Hotline Bling was out of your head. Miami's favorite Uncle/Tio Pepe Billete releases Hotline Balsa featuring Otto Von Schirach not only on Adkins and background but a...
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Kimbo Slice Does A AMA

We love and one of our favorite things about Reddit is the Ask Me Anything (AMA) which is when a guest answers user questions, and you gue...
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Gallery: Under Surface – Open Reception

Gallery: Under Surface - Open Reception New Work by: Yasmin Khalaf will be in exhibition at the 6th Street Container, a well known gallery in Little Havana (1155 SW 6th Street). Opening r eception is Friday January 15th from 6...
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Vibes305 - 2015

Vibes 305 – Art Basel 2015

VIBES 305 ART BASEL 2015 Art Basel 2015 was a great time but, what was really impressive was the growth and progression of Vibes 305. It’s put together by Gil Green and his team at the Toe Jam Backlot. Art Basel 2015 was ...
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Noche Buena Moments You Know To Be True

We're big fans of Jenny Lorenzo and her abuela skits. This one hits the nail on the head!! ...that is if you are Cuban or of Cuban decent. Nochebuena Moments You Know To Be True is sponsored by Verizon Wireless. Feliz Noche B...
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Pepe Billete × Otto Von Schirach “In Love With The Mojo”

Christmas Eve is Noche Buena and what better way to celebrate then to add Pepe Billete to your holiday playlist. This video from last year is definitely a seasonal hit like "Mi Burrito". Happy Christmas Eve!! Feliz Noche Buena!!
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iAmHuman - 8

#iAmHuman – Art Basel 2015

#iAmHuman – Art Basel 2015 Art Basel had its share of exclusive galleries and events. The #iAmHuman campaign was seen throughout Wynwood during Art Basel week. Below are a few pictures of their showing at their gallery. &...
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The Weeknd – Concert Recap

The Weeknd came to Miami and shut down a sold out show. I’m sure he’s to blame for a surge in Miami’s population in 9 months or so. Photographer Jennifer Jensen covered this concert for 305 Magazine. Recap of the ...
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Art Basel Freedom - 2015


  ART BASEL 2015 Art basel 2015 was a great time and come to think about it we didn’t hit every gallery or event we could have. Yet it still felt as if we covered a lot. This collection is an assortment of different ...
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Art Basel × Heineken x Montana

Everyone wants to get their hand on these dope #HeinekenXMontana cans! We have the inside scope on what Heineken x Montana has going on during Miami Art Week. Track the truck at for your chance to get y...
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What “BRO” Really Means in Miami

As diverse as Miami is with the influx of tourists and cultures there is one word that defines us. That word is "BRO" it's used in a variety of ways to define a long list of things. Miami native Jenny Lorenzo (Buzzfeed and Host...
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Crazy Shit That Actually Happened! Episode 1

Crazy Shit That Actually Happened: Episode 1

 Crazy Shit That Actually Happened: Episode 1 The title says it ALL! Not only that, it’s Pepe Billete you know it’s good. Check the video below AND if you have Sirius XM his show is on 153.
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Gear Eyekon Clothing

Eyekon Clothing If you follow us in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @305Magazine. Then you know we are fans of Eyekon Clothing. Always in line with current events.
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Florida Supercon 2015

Florida Supercon 2015 Recap

Florida Supercon 2015 Recap     Florida Supercon 2015 did not disappoint with cosplayers EVERYWHERE!! Check the pic below.
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