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Dear John Lucas…

Dear John Lucas, Next time… GET OUT THE WAY!
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Lebron James rides out

Not sure why but Lebrn rode to the Chicago Bulls game on his bicycle…
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Don’t Worry Davincci X Itagui (Behind the Scenes)

  Don’t Worry Davincci X Itagui (Behind the Scenes) from cream on Vimeo.
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Brandon Marshall – Pro-Bowl MVP

Congrats to “The Beast” Brandon Marshall for bringing home the 2012 ProBowl MVP!! Here’s one of the touchdown passes from the game.
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Interview: Henri Martel

  One of L.A.’s up and coming talents not only produces and writes his own music but also plays the drums, guitar, piano, and after hearing an epic rendition of The Godfather theme he wants to learn the accordion. Henri ...
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Hey Joe…

Joe Philbin has taken the helm as the Miami Dolphins Head Coach and I get a good feeling about it. Priority #1 is that we need a quaterback and from the news reports it looks like we’re making the right moves, both intern...
by @305Magazine


Cushy Gigs + Shiro (Japan)

Cushy Gigs is one of the most creative teams in Miami… Yeah I said/wrote it only because its true. Check out this timelapse video… tight work fellas Cushy Gigs + Shiro (Japan) from Cushy Productions on Vimeo.
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That’s What’s Up Show – Episode 7

That’s What’s Up Show – Ep. 7 – Check it, the fellas and gal (vanessa) go in on voodoo vaginas and royal pubic jedi pubes.
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¡Mayday! – Death March

“Death March” is the first single off of ¡Mayday! upcoming album “Take Me to Your Leader”
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DOWNLOAD: Garcia – “Off The Beaten Path”

Garcia made 2011 his breakthrough year dropping a couple of well thought out albums and EPs.  In 2012 not only is he still directing videos/movies but he’s putting in work on his solo projects. “Off the Beaten Path...
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¡MAYDAY! – Take Me To Your Leader (Trailer)

¡Mayday! had an incredible journey from heart shaped chocolate boxes and 9mm for Valentines, traveling through space and time with “Technology”. Then the news broke on their mixtape “Lord of the Fly” th...
by @305Magazine



Shit Miami Girls say… and Guys

You’ve seen the videos of Shit Drake, Grandma, and many others say. This one is a classic. I don’t know if you’ll get it all if your not from Miami but i hope you do lol.
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by @305Magazine



DOWNLOAD: Ghostwridah – Michael Jordan Theory

                    …Look DOWNLOAD the EP, you wont regret it #TeamGhostwridah click -> HERE <-
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Skateboards for Cuba

Skateboards for Cuba is a great mini-documentary of an idea fueled by the love for what you do. Check part 1 of 5.
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