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October 23, 2014





Art of War 305 drops their latest video from Blood Sport III: HINDU ROCK vs JOHNNY BLACK and it does not disappoint! Hindu Rock and Johnny Black drop punch lines and verbal punches that bring a lot of ooooohs and aaaahs. BARZ! We can tell you the details but you be the judge of who won. Check the video after the jump

[youtube http://youtu.be/lMOJ8NJpSuk]

==== HINDU ROCK ==== The Bollywood Badguy. The Florida veteran. The “Gawd”! A man of many aliases, and many victories to go along with those aliases, Hindu Rock is no stranger to the arena. Having faced the likes of Battlers from ISAAC KNOX to TY LAW to TENCHOO, HiNDU ROCK has battled literally across the country, and even internationally.But in the AOW ring, Hindu has not only had some of his most impressive, but some of THE most impressive performances in the ring yet! His victories over JAE-WIZE and JAMES ROIG, his neck and neck heated classic against WEB THREE, and his dominant showing against LU CIPHER on THE BAR EXAMS channel for our Miami Mayhem event not only proved his ability to adapt to his opponents, but also displayed his ability to win and persevere even when considered the underdog! With his combination of aggression, punchlines, wordplay and some of the most disrespectful sets of insults this side of the country, the Iron Sheik of battlerap holds his tongue for no one, and has the victories to prove it!! He faces off


==== JOHNNY BLACK ====

THE VERBAL JIU JITSU!! A TRUE south Florida veteran in EVERY sense of the word, NOT just for AOW. Hes had many classic battles from, an incredible upset on THOUSAND, to a neck and neck classic with DROPZ to even back in StreetWars battling DubDeez from the NOD tribe. After a brief hiatus, his return in rare form against LORD SPARX proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that man had not lost a step AT ALL! He is a veteran in many ways, and His wordplay and strong presence when he battles, combined with a smooth flow and talk-to-em approach, make him one of South Florida’s most respect in the ring!! – Art of War 305


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