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FLORIDA SUPERCON 2016 RECAP Florida Supercon 2016 was a massive event at the Miami Beach Convention Center. We’ve been covering this event for a few years and it’s become the event thousands look forward to in Miami...
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A Jokes Flick: Toyed

A Jokes Flick: Toyed We’re really excited to see this short film is coming soon. If you’re a fan of wall art, murals, cryptic words on walls, or as the rest of the world calls it: graffiti. Then you’re going t...
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Ultra Music Festival Says “Goodbye” to Miami

Ultra Music Festival Says “Goodbye” to Miami What started as a local event turned into a global phenomenon and changed the landscape of EDM forever. Miami has been home to many things and one it’s guilty pleas...
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Instagram is Making Changes

Instagram is Making Changes Keep up with 305 Magazine via Instagram. To do this you have to select Turn On Notifications on our profile @305Magazine 
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WalkWade – A Fashion fundraiser hosted by Dwyane Wade

WalkWade 2015 A Fashion fundraiser Hosted by Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat WalkWade 2015 – A Fashion fundraiser hosted by Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat with a huge list of guests coming together for a great cause. Photogr...
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Listening Party Recap – DaVincci × Dilla 2 = D2

Listening Party Recap – DaVincci × Dilla 2 = D2 DaVincci x Dilla = D2 is the second J-Dilla tribute album from Miami artist and producer DaVincci for The Guild. We were lucky to been a part of the listening party to a Hi...
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The Biltmore Hotel × The U

In honor of the inauguration of President Frenk @President_Frenk at the University of Miami @UnivMiami. One of Miami's biggest landmarks, the Biltmore Hotel @BiltmoreHotel was lit up in University of Miami colors by Event Facto...
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Vibes 305 – Art Basel 2015

VIBES 305 ART BASEL 2015 Art Basel 2015 was a great time but, what was really impressive was the growth and progression of Vibes 305. It’s put together by Gil Green and his team at the Toe Jam Backlot. Art Basel 2015 was ...
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#iAmHuman – Art Basel 2015

#iAmHuman – Art Basel 2015 Art Basel had its share of exclusive galleries and events. The #iAmHuman campaign was seen throughout Wynwood during Art Basel week. Below are a few pictures of their showing at their gallery. &...
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The Weeknd – Concert Recap

The Weeknd came to Miami and shut down a sold out show. I’m sure he’s to blame for a surge in Miami’s population in 9 months or so. Photographer Jennifer Jensen covered this concert for 305 Magazine. Recap of the ...
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  ART BASEL 2015 Art basel 2015 was a great time and come to think about it we didn’t hit every gallery or event we could have. Yet it still felt as if we covered a lot. This collection is an assortment of different ...
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Bobby Biscayne Listening Session

Bobby Biscayne Listening Party at Circle House Studios, a landmark in the world of Miami Music and Entertainment. Bobby Biscayne’s body of work played as the guests arrived. Production was on point with the head nod facto...
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