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Biscayne World – Aholsniffsglue

  If you could fathom for one moment, that Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas met Bebe’s Kids at bus stop in Miami…well, let’s just say that wouldn’t even prepare you for the colorful mindfuck that is B...
by Weirdnesss

by Weirdnesss



Listening Party Recap – DaVincci × Dilla 2 = D2

Listening Party Recap – DaVincci × Dilla 2 = D2 DaVincci x Dilla = D2 is the second J-Dilla tribute album from Miami artist and producer DaVincci for The Guild. We were lucky to been a part of the listening party to a Hi...
by @305Magazine


The Biltmore Hotel × The U

In honor of the inauguration of President Frenk @President_Frenk at the University of Miami @UnivMiami. One of Miami's biggest landmarks, the Biltmore Hotel @BiltmoreHotel was lit up in University of Miami colors by Event Facto...
by @305Magazine



Siblings – Review

Actors: , ,

Our Review 4 / 5 - Very Good
by Jorge Larrea



SHORT FILM: SIBLINGS Siblings starts off like most conversations between a sister that needs a favor from her brother, with a bribe. Katalina Viteri (Mari/sister), Rudi Goblen (Tito/brother), and Ivan Nodal (Luke/sisters husba...
by @305Magazine



Kimbo Slice Does A Reddit.com AMA

We love Reddit.com and one of our favorite things about Reddit is the Ask Me Anything (AMA) which is when a guest answers user questions, and you gue...
by @305Magazine


Pepe Billete × Otto Von Schirach “In Love With The Mojo”

Christmas Eve is Noche Buena and what better way to celebrate then to add Pepe Billete to your holiday playlist. This video from last year is definitely a seasonal hit like "Mi Burrito". Happy Christmas Eve!! Feliz Noche Buena!!
by @305Magazine



BMW i8 Duo | “Port of Miami” | Vossen Forged

BMW i8 Duo | “Port of Miami” Vossen Forged (4K) This video shows off the BMW i8 Duo in the Port of Miami racing and doing donuts. Vossen rims do not disappoint, they look great on the duo. Shot in 4K the quality is ...
by @305Magazine



AVARICIOUS – THE STORY OF WILL (SHORT FILM) Will’s life turns upside down when he learns of his grandmother’s illness. Faced with no job or foreseeable future he decides an act of desperation is the only shot ...
by @305Magazine


by Jorge Larrea


Documentary – The Bass That Ate Miami

Documentary – The Bass That Ate Miami Miami is known for it’s parties, beaches, un-sober lifestyle, music, and it’s music festivals. The one thign people seem to forget is the important part it played in all t...
by @305Magazine




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