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VIDEO – Wax – Need

  You want creativity? You want originality? Wax spits insanity molded into perfection.
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Wrekonize – Mayday & Chardonnay

One of 305’s finest, Wrekonize, kills yet another remix. Check out Wreks’ “A Soiree For Skeptics” album out now!
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¡MAYDAY! – Studio Sessions (Part 3)

¡MayDay! drops a behind the scenes look into they’re creative process with Plex Luther and Gianni Cash Studio Sessions pt 3. If you’re a fan of ¡MayDays! unique sound then you’ll enjoy the flick. These guys ...
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Flo Rida on Jimmy Fallon on Superbowl special

Big shout to Flo-Rida, DJ Entice, and the Strong Arm fam.
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Derick G “Mr. Expensive” always gives you the exclusives! Which is also one of his aka’s… go figure Check his site for more pics and videos: www.DerickG.com   BEHIND THE SCENES OF “MIRROR̶...
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I Fell In Love with Hip Hop in the 90’s – Dj Big Eff & Dj Spaz

  I Fell In Love with Hip Hop in the 90’s DJ Eff & DJ Spaz is a great addition to your mp3 player. DOWNLOAD <– NOW! Here’s the playlist! Dj Big EFF 1 – “Who Can Get Busy Like This Man&#...
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Happy Birthday Bob Marley

  Happy Birthday Bob Marley!! Light one up!! Here are two interviews, do yourself the favor and look up some of the documentaries on him. For my Hip-Hop heads, you’ll see where “Blackstar” came from…
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Download this album if you haven’t yet! Garcia has dropped an incredible piece for the masses with “Off the Beaten Path” and is definitely is a great addition to your playlist.  
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Don’t Worry Davincci X Itagui (Behind the Scenes)

  Don’t Worry Davincci X Itagui (Behind the Scenes) from cream on Vimeo.
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Interview: Henri Martel

  One of L.A.’s up and coming talents not only produces and writes his own music but also plays the drums, guitar, piano, and after hearing an epic rendition of The Godfather theme he wants to learn the accordion. Henri ...
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¡Mayday! – Death March

“Death March” is the first single off of ¡Mayday! upcoming album “Take Me to Your Leader”
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DOWNLOAD: Garcia – “Off The Beaten Path”

Garcia made 2011 his breakthrough year dropping a couple of well thought out albums and EPs.  In 2012 not only is he still directing videos/movies but he’s putting in work on his solo projects. “Off the Beaten Path...
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