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January 30, 2018



Adversity, regardless of how small or large, is as inevitable as death. However, resilience can prove to rectify hardship for those whom see adversity as a challenge rather than a barricade. Emmanuel Batista, often known as Eman Get Dough, is one of those people.

It’s great to hear up and coming artists especially when they sound this smooth. Eman will will be stacking dough soon enough if he keeps up his momentum.

Born and raised in North Miami in 1993 into a family of Haitian and Cuban descent, Eman knew early on that he wanted to live a certain way—a lifestyle that would allow him to care for his loved ones, escape poverty, and impact lives—though he did not yet know how he would go about doing so. He always had a passion for music and basketball, and as time progressed, he wanted to pursue basketball as a career. However, that goal was cut short by a tragic accident that changed his life forever.

“I used to be in the streets with my cousin,” says Eman, “in 2011 we were involved in a serious accident that caused me to be paralyzed for months, and caused my cousin to lose his life.” After refocusing and making the choice to take on the challenge of making a traumatic experience into something positive, Eman decided to continue to seek the future he envisioned as a child, but this time through music. “Once I got back into the swing of things, making music became my passion,” he states.
Eman grew up listening to many of the Louisiana Rap artists such as BG, Lil’ Wayne, and Lil’ Boosie because their content spoke to him in way that made them relatable. When he made the decision to step into the role of an artist, he knew he wanted his audience to feel that they, too, could relate to Eman’s music. He says, “I’m talking about things I’ve actually seen and lived—a lifestyle I actually know about—and it’s important that my fans relate to me.”
Ambition has always fueled Eman, and though he has been making music for two years, he has accomplished a lot in that short time. “I met Rich Homie Quan, and he became a good friend. When I started being around [Rich Homie] Quan and other successful people in the music business, I saw the vision…that made me go even harder,” he expresses, “and the ultimate goal is to be successful—a number one hit on the charts!”
With the life challenges and adversity that Eman Get Dough has already overcome triumphantly, such a goal seems well within reach. As he prepares for the release of his introductory mixtape in December 2017, entitled Under the Influence, and continues to surround himself with a circle of friends and supporters whom help him actualize his vision, the name Eman Get Dough will soon reach far beyond South Florida.

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