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March 5, 2018

Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story

Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story

Gamertag Radio is considered the number 1 gaming podcast and like most projects and businesses it’s had its ups and downs. What started as just a show has grown into a brand and has evolved into a gaming community for all gamers alike to be a part of. Inspired by Hip-Hop and driven by his passions Danny Peña, or as the world knows him Godfree, has been working on Gamertag Radio since 2001. Let that sink in for a moment… In 2001 the Internet was not the world changing machine it is today, not even close. So to have started with an Internet show in 2001 on MP3.com to what Gamertag Radio is today is inspiring.

Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story is a great documentary for everyone jumping into, or currently in the ocean of podcasting. It gives you perspective on the journey and the hurdles you may face. There is one thing I hope you get out of this: Stick to your guns when it comes to your passions.

No one was thinking about the internet in 2001 as a vehicle for content. Today it’s the ONLY vehicle for massive amounts of content. I’m proud to say I know Godfree and have seen this man push Gamertag Radio for years. Very proud of my fellow Miami native. Check the video below and let us know what you think via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or just email us. If starting a podcast is in your future then add this to your lesson plan.

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