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December 17, 2014

Gil Green – Miami Themed 75′ Chevy Donk

Gil Green - 305 Donk

Gil Green

Miami Themed 75′ Chevy Donk

The Miami themed donk was a part of the 3rd Annual Vibes 305 during Art Basel 2014 hosted by Toe Jam Back Lot in Wynwood showcasing work by Gil Green, Derick G, and Jonathan Mannion. It was one of the biggest parties during Art Basel. We have a full recap coming up. During the Vibes 305 we spoke with Gil Green about his donk and the mosaic style he chose for the wrap. It’s Miami theme was admired at the event and the closer you look at it the more you notice that each frame used is different with it’s own effect of the larger image. Unfortunately, soon after this shoot the wrap was taken off and the Chevy was back on set as a vehicle in one of your favorite music videos. Sammy of 173 Ent. and owner of the 75′ Chevy donk spent twelve months building the Chevy saying it was not his first build but it is his first donk. Usually working on G-Body Buick Regal or Cutlas he did a great job with this one. The car is in great conditions and draws a lot of attention. We are really happy all the pieces fell into place to make this happen. Photos by Eduardo Valdes @OTBMiami

1975 Chevy Caprice with a big block 350 motor

26” Forgiato rims

Original Color: Red with white interior and white top

Each panel wrap is of a different artist: Luther Campbel, Trina, Trick Daddy, Pitbull, Udonis Haslem, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Flo-Rida

Gil Green - 305 Donk

Actually the technique helped the material I had to work with and is a

tribute to my craft, which is film making.

– Gil Green

The donk is dope, what inspired this idea?

This year for Art Basel I wanted to do a tribute to all the music videos that I’ve been able to do in Miami for Miami artists that have made it big on the national scene. We decided to design a car made out of mosaics made of little tiny frames from music videos. So we put the biggest icons of Miami starting with Luke (Luther Campbell), then going to Trick, Trina, Ross, Khaled, Pitbull, and Flo-Rida. I do a lot of work with the Miami Heat so I had to put Udonis Haslem on it as well. We have these huge pictures of them on the car but their made up of tiny mosaic frames from the work that I did with each artist.

Why did you choose to do the mosaic?

The mosaic idea came from the fact that a lot of these videos were filmed on standard definition. This is before high-def and all the good cameras that end up in high-resolution where you can actually take a still frame and blow it up. So I didn’t really have the capability of blowin up photographs to be huge but if I make them as a mosaic and make them as little frames. Then I can make one big frame and the super big frame didn’t have to be super hi-res. It’s a mosaic so there’s some freedom of it not being super sharp with the resolution. Actually the technique helped the material I had to work with and is a tribute to my craft, which is film making. 30 frames, in filmmaking, make one second. Thirty little pictures make up one second so I was able to take thousands of pictures to make up eight seconds.

Gil Green - 305 Donk

You showcased the donk during Art Basel at Vibes 305. What kind of feedback did you get?

Aw man, everyone loved us, it fit the party. The party [Vibes 305] is all about Miami. Everyone comes to Art Basel from all over the world and we’re proud of throwing a real Miami party. This is our 3rd year doing it and it’s a mix and mash of Hip-Hop, Dirty South, and Dance Hall Reggae which all the stuff that I grew up on in Miami. This is the art piece this year along with another car that photographer Jonathan Mannion did and as well as Derick G’s photo-shoots. Everything was a tribute to Miami so Derick G. is another hometown hero for us, as a photographer. Jonathan Mannion is not from Miami but he’s done a ton of work for Miami artists so he decided to do another Chevy with his images. If you know Jonathan Mannion and his work, he’s one of the prolific photographers in the Hip-Hop world. We’ve made him a part of the party for the last two years. I hope people appreciate the car before we take down the print. It would be nice if it was in a museum one day because this car means a lot to me. It has my first music video on it, which is Trick Daddy AmeriKKKa filmed in 1999, and its like coming full circle in my career. I started in Miami with Trick Daddy and now I’m currently doing the biggest rappers such as Khaled and Ross who are current today. It’s like watching a span of 15 years of my work. My work expands beyond Miami; it’s always been heart for me. This is a very dear piece to me because it’s the fabric of how I developed in my appreciation for music and culture in Miami.

Gil Green - 305 Donk

What do you have planned for next year?

Every year we out do ourselves. If you think this years was crazy. Next year is going to be off the chain. I don’t want to speak on it yet but we’re going to let out little surprises as the year goes along.

Who did the wrap?

Definitely have to give props to Metro Wrapz they’re the leading in trends with cars. They do an amazing job. They’re one of our sponsors for the party. Bruno at Metro Wrapz, gotta show him love and if you ever look at his Instagram or his photos, they’re doing stuff that’s trend setting with car wraps. That was the one thing when I sat down with Bruno. He was like “I don’t mind doing stuff with you guys. I love it, but let’s do something different and out the box.” No one has ever done a mosaic print on a car so this was a first. If you look at Metro Wrapz work, they’re trendsetters in that world.

For more visit: GilGreen.com MetroWrapz.com

Gil Green - 305 Donk



Gil Green - 305 Donk


Gil Green - 305 Donk


Gil Green - 305 Donk

Visit: GilGreen.com MetroWrapz.com


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