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January 17, 2014

Miami Heat Fans on Washington Wizards Hater Cam

We all know every team in the NBA is plotting and planning to build a team that can beat the Miami Heat. Not only that but rival fans celebrate a win as if it were game 7 in the NBA Finals. The “Hate” for Miami is real and in Washington it’s taken the form of a new feature during Washington Wizards  games called “The Bandwagon Cam” which should be renamed “Hater Cam”.

When the Heatles came to town and unfortunately found their 3rd straight loss. The Washington Wizards unveiled their “Hater Cam” and went around the arena to find not one but two die hard Miami Heat fans sitting four rows behind the bench. Tina Nguyen (Left, wearing a Wade jersey) and Jon Robert (Right, wearing a Haslem jersey) have been fans much longer than most of the staff at ESPN. A band wagon fan would have been wearing the NBAs #1 selling jersey, LeBron James and not the throw backs jerseys of the two co-captains.

I was surprised to see the picture of the “Bandwagon fans” because I have gone to countless Miami Heat Road Rally’s and some great Miami Heat games with Jon Robert before King James came to town. I had to find out how one of the biggest Heat fans I know gets called a “Bandwagon fan” on national television. In an arena full of fickle fans the two Miami natives that went to see their team play are put on blast. Ridiculed by news wires and in true viral fashion are plastered throughout the internet. Real Heat fans could see these guys a mile away though. Leaving comments on forums saying “Bandwagons fans dont  follow Haslem like that” and the comment I loved “A bandwagon fan wouldn’t wear a Haslem jersey” which isnt to down play both Wade and Haslem.

Jon, who is your favorite Miami heat player?

Man thats a tough one for different reasons it cant be just one. First would be Dwyane Wade because he got us our first championship and look where we are today because of him. He made this all happen. Look where he’s brought the team. Second, Udonis Haslem because he’s the epidamy of Miami. He got a chance to play at home and has given 100% ever since. He could have left the team and made a lot of money but he stayed. I love that. Then Alonzo Mourning, he played with so much heart. Like the 5 blocks he had in game 6 of the finals vs Dallas. When he started flaring his arms after a block. There’s so much passion for the game with him. We got season tickets to the 2007-2008 season right after.

What’s your most memorable Miami Heat game?

Miami vs Cleveland the year before LeBron came to Miami. Dwyane Wade DESTROYED Anderson Varejao and posterized him. Everyone went wild and Wade said “That’s how you do it! That’s how you f#ckin do it!” That’s one of my favorite moments.


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