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January 29, 2012

Interview: Henri Martel


One of L.A.’s up and coming talents not only produces and writes his own music but also plays the drums, guitar, piano, and after hearing an epic rendition of The Godfather theme he wants to learn the accordion. Henri Martel is of Russian decent and one of the many talents we met in the city of Los Angeles. draws inspiration from everything around him. Aside from DJing a few sets at local clubs and parties, Henri has kept himself busy working on his mixtapes series. When Worlds Collide, a combination of styles and genres. Volume I introduced Henri Martel and opened doors for him. His latest When Worlds Collide Volume II mixed by DJ Vick One from POWER 106 in LA, recently released and is available for download. Inspiration is a common question and after visiting his studio you can clearly see he draws his from different genres and talents, working to perfect his own sound. We had a few words with Henri Martel to dig into his music.

What are you currently working on?

I’m just finished my second mixtape When Worlds Collide Vol. II and we’re basically getting prepped for the release. But I’ve already started on new material though. In addition to that, I’ve been doing a lot of remixing and mashing up; pretty much doing a bunch of DJ sets whenever I get a chance. I’ve really started doing everything because that is who I am. Before I was limiting myself to production, songwriting, and singing. I kind of neglected my DJ side, which is where I started. So now I’m throwing everything together kind of bring all the different parts of me in sync.

What’s the difference between When Worlds Collide I & II?

It was released and got a bit of buzz; nothing too crazy but it got people wondering as to who this random guy Henri Martel is. It really allowed me to feel the market and get feedback as to what I was doing at the time; to self evaluate. The experience in general was a lesson to be learned. Looking back, it allowed me to reevaluate my goals as an artist. Once I’m done with something I immediately break it down as to how I could of done things better despite it being great already and it just turns into fuel for my next project.

With a few months between projects, what’s changed with your sound and production?

It’s a lot more edgy, dark, and artistic. I’ve tried to cut down on the commerciality of my sound. It’s not completely gone but I’ve toned it down. I took my flawed idiosyncrasies and injected it into my music. I said, “Hell, if I have to deal with all this madness, then here, you guys should know about it and understand why I am the way I am.” In my first mixtape, I stayed true to structure and form and all that rigidness, despite all my talk about mixing stuff up and experimenting. With Vol. II I took the road less traveled and tried to create something artful. Granted, I’ve still not reached my goal of doing things differently and breaking down barriers, but I think Vol. II is a step in the right direction.

I know your a big fan of DeadMau5, I know he inspired some of your sound. Last we spoke you wanted to send him a package if beats. Did you?

I thought about it for a week. But I judged the work to be way too inferior at the time. I’ve been working on a couple of electro house material as well as dubstep that I’ve kept up my sleeve and haven’t really shown anyone yet. Eventually once I feel the sound is where I want it to be, Joel Zimmermen will be receiving and nice little package of tracks from me.

What kind of response or feedback have you gotten from your music?

It’s been a positive one. Majority of the attention has come from the remixes and DJ sets as well as a couple of deep songs from the first mixtape. I believe “Lovely Lana” and “Faded Shades” were the most popular. But to be honest, the biggest following is from abroad. A lot of Canadians, Russians, and Europeans in general have really become a good majority of my fan base, especially Canadians. It’s funny how you expect the most growth to come from where you are currently situated and it just flips you out that people halfway across the world dig your stuff even more. God bless the Internet.

Keep an eye out for Martel Mondays, Henri uploads remixes and DJ sets for those that want to listen to something different.

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