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December 26, 2012

INTERVIEW: Santlov – Has Instagram Figured out

Instagram sensation Santlov has a hell of an imagination. Using some of our favorite characters like Woody, Buzz Light Year, Nemo, Al Pacino’s Scarface, Batman, my personal favorite the Joker (Dark Knight), and many more. Instead of describing the pieces check our pictures of his gallery showing and follow him on InstaGram @Santlov. We had an opportunity to interview him at the gallery showing he had during Art Basel.

Santlov 13Santlov: It’s pretty crazy the sensation behind it. It was a past time labor of love that’s turned into this huge monster. It’s very humbling to get so much love.

305: We’ve seen your work reposted on a lot o different accounts and facebook groups. How do you feel about that?

Santlov: It’s the digital age you know that’s the world we live in. Put my stuff up, I don’t mind it. If you see something you love and put it up on your personal feed. I take it as a compliment. Other people are against it but I feel humbled by it that someone would actually use something that I created in their own daily lives.

305: Which are your favorite figures and how big are they?


Santlov: Joker, Batman, Woody, basically any character you’ve grown up with you know. They range in sizes. Some are 3 inches and others are 6 inches.


305: How long have you been doing these pieces, and which is your favorite?

Santlov: Seriously, like a year.  Growing up in Miami I’m very graff influenced. My favorite piece is Joker Clown.  It’s my profile pic. I feel like it’s my pinnacle, the best work that I’ve done.

Santlov 11


305: Are you selling any of the pieces, any prints?

Santlov: Yes, it’s all going to be available for sale. This show is my coming out from the digital world to the print world. Something tangible that you can hang in your home not something that’s on your phone.

Santlov 6

305: What are some of your influences for these pieces?

Santlov: Honestly my family, my wife, the things we go through you know. A lot of what I’ve created is geared to what I’m feeling at the moment. I pick off of my personal experiences so I think that’s the biggest credit to m work right now.

Look for a gallery showing to pop-up at a Miami Art Walk and expect a few showings in New York, Los Angeles, California, and maybe even Europe. We’ll keep you posted.

For more information please visit: Toysrlikeus.com

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