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December 31, 2012

INTERVIEW: Soarse Spoken – Starve The Hunger


305: Starve the Hunger, what inspired the title?

Soarse: The title was inspired by the feeling I was having while not making music. I took a break from making music about 4 years ago and the feeling of wanting to make music but not really being able to kept building up inside of me. I was “starving my hunger” during that whole time I guess you could say.

305: The skits are definitely entertaining, any bloopers during recording you want to mention?

Soarse: There are actually just 2 skits on the tape and one of them is split up in 2 parts. I’m actually not on any of the skits but a couple of the cats featured including Homeboy Sandman and Fat Tony were down to do skits so I let them have creative range with what they wanted to do. I think they turned out pretty dope. They are 2 completely different skits topic wise, but they both have messages that both appear in the subject matter of some of the songs on Starve The Hunger so it worked out.

305: You’re not a stranger to the music scene in Miami being a part of Earthworx with Punch3nello. What happened with the group and solo projects?

Soarse: Earthworx is still there. We never broke up or anything dramatic like that. Punch is still my ace. He still rocks shows with me and I still rock shows with him. We are constantly building and working on different things. We just never officially put out an “Earthworx” project but in all honesty everything we do together is Earthworx whether it’s officially released or not. A bunch of the stuff we’ve worked on over the years ended up on his last mixtape African Bush Boogie which was released in January of this year. Obviously, I’m working on solo projects right now and so is Punch. We feature each other in all of our projects so you’ll always hear a bit of Earthworx when listening to any of our individual efforts.

305: Why the absence and what sparked the return to the booth?

Soarse: The absence, or hiatus, was really the culmination of a few things including some shady business by the indie label I was dealing with at the time that I took a “break”. Also, just like any other young man my age I was looking for a faster buck and it just wasn’t coming in the form of music, I was feeling stagnant about where everything was going so I took that break. Funny thing is that it wasn’t even planned, it just kind of happened. A couple of good opportunities fell in my lap that didn’t involve making music so I took them so making music just kind of fell on the back burner. I was still making music in my spare time and even released a compilation of B sides, rarities, and remixes titled UNreleased & UNfuckwitable in 2011. At the end of the day though, I missed making music. It’s my passion and I’m glad to be back at it.

305: Your also working in an official release, who do you have on production?

Soarse: Yeah, I’m also working on an official release titled Rawcenticity. It’s produced entirely by this up and coming duo from Miami called Model.Fragment. Joel Hernandez and Christian Loaiza craft some really nice boom bap with an electronic edge that I was really vibing to. I was really feeling the sound so we’ve been working on a project together for a minute now, even before I was working on Starve The Hunger. The Mixtape and this project are two COMPLETELY different sounds though. I’m also working on a few other things here and there but people will hear about hose projects soon enough.

305: You’ve been filming a documentary, tell me a bout it.

Soarse: We were shooting a mini documentary on the process of me getting back to the music scene and the process of getting Starve The Hunger done. That’s been wrapped and is called “Feed The Hunger”. It will be coming out simultaneously with the tape.


305: With so much talent surrounding you what can we expect from your official album release?

Soarse: Unless people get to hear a song from that album, they will be completely thrown off by the sound. It’s straight left field as far as the direction it’s heading in compared to Starve The Hunger which has a more traditional hip-hop sound. The album is going have more of an electronic sound but at the same time maintaining that “going hard” feeling that I like about the beats I select. Beat selection to me is very important and when I heard Model.Fragment’s production I knew that I had to do something with it. The challenge that I get from writing to something that’s not really traditional inspires me. BTW, I’ve leaked a tune called “Nomadic Fresh” off the album and it’s on my souncloud so people can actually get a glimpse of what type of sound the project will have right now .

305: Will we see an Earthworx album?

Soarse: I hope so. Ha! Punch and I are always working on so many different things. Punch3nello is one of my favorite emcee’s so as I mentioned earlier, I’ll always be working with him. I think that since the Earthworx sound is so unique, we are honing it to the point of near perfection as far what we like. We want to make sure all of the pieces are in place before Earthworx is heard and individually but at the same time collectively we are making that happen.

305: What’s the name of the upcoming album and who should we expect on production and guest appearances?

Soarse: The upcoming album is titled Rawcenticity. Like I mentioned earlier it’s produced by Model.Fragment. The big thing about any official releases that I have coming out in the near future are the fact that they are less sample heavy then the projects I’ve released in the past (Leadership Midnight, Third World Prophecies, etc.). I want to use very little sampling or none at all when working on an album right now at this point in my career. As far as the mixtape though, It’s as sample heavy as it get’s. I mean, DJ Sharpsound has some great production. Really nice loops, really hard percussion. Also, for Starve The Hunger, I enlisted the help of my good friend and former Arrested Development and Ky-Mani Marley bass player Kavayah Amn to lay some basslines down. Starve The Hunger also features a gang of talent from NY, Stone’s Throw rapper Homeboy Sandman to Philly DJ/raptress Jasmine Solano to Houston spitter Fat Tony to Miami luminaries Bernz & Wrek from ¡Mayday!, J NICS and Dynas and so many more. It’s like a cornucopia of rappers. Rawcenticity, on the other hand, has very few features including my homies Dirty Work and Kin Kezzy. the two projects just have a totally different vibe.

305: What inspired your name Soarse Spoken?

Soarse: It’s funny because my real name has a more interesting story than my artist/stage name. Not gonna get into that though. I used to do open mics and poetry nights so I did some spoken work in the past. That’s where the “Spoken” came from. Soarse is a flip on the word Soars as in what a condor does when it’s high… I mean in the sky…. and high.

Download: https://soundcloud.com/soarsespoken/sets/starve-the-hunger

Site: www.soarsespoken.com

Directed by Art Morera. “FEED THE HUNGER” a Soarse Spoken Documentary that touches on his background as an artist and the drive behind making ‘Starve The Hunger’, his upcoming project, which will release on October 16th, 2012 during the CMJ festival in NYC.

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