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May 8, 2014

The Last Taino Documentary Film


The Last Taino Documentary Film

The Last Taino is a documentary film by Mangas Films that is raising funds for film color correction, and creating a Digital Cinema Package to feature the film commercially in theaters. The trailer speaks for itself but, if searching for the living members of possibly one of the oldest and most important tribes in our history wasn’t enough. Finding them and the question “How did you manage to get here?” may be the beginning of a great story. After checking the trailer visit their Indiegogo site.

The Last Taino a documentary film:

A filmmaker’s clandestine expedition through the communist island of Cuba in search of an indigenous tribe rumored extinct for over three centuries. 

According to most historical accounts the Taínos, native people of Caribbean islands like Puerto Rico, Hispañola, and Cuba, became extinct shortly after the arrival of the Spaniards in 1492. After hearing a rumor about the existence of a surviving tribe in Guantanamo, Cuba, filmmakers Dre Torres and Tony Cortes travel to the communist country to find out the truth. What results is a dangerous covert voyage through the highly restricted mountains of Yateras despite the orders of Cuban military officials.

Our film is 100% complete and we are now raising funds to cover submissions fees for documentary film festivals.

Would you like to be a part of this culturally significant documentary?



The Last Taino [Documentary Trailer] from Mangas Films on Vimeo.

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