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June 1, 2015

Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade


Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade

There are a lot of opinions in the air about Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat right now. I have heard and read a couple comments about the situation and not all of them are good. Sometimes its easy to fall in and out of fandom “Good riddance!” said Stugotz on the Dan Le Batard Show the other day and immediately Dan Le Batard shut him down “You need to stop a couple of exits from Good Riddance! Show some respect…” I can respect that segment for being a clear example the conversation Miami Heat fans and #HeatLifers are having. My personal opinion isn’t important right now because one word, perspective. It’s a business, Basketball, Then NBA, The All-Star Break, NBA 2k series of video games, Shoes, Ties, etc, etc.. It’s all business, so expect negotiations and a lot of talk. Just chill…

I have 2 bits of info for you guys. One being an article by Dan Le Batard in the Miami Herald and the other from Stephen A. Smith giving his take on the whole situation. As a Miami Heat Lifer I have to say that their perspective giving us a closer look into whats going on is really interesting. Why interesting because when the topic comes up EVERYONE in Miami has an opinion and is an emotional sports mess of a human being. Everyone is a sports agent, athlete, and team owner when contracts and team negotiations are going on.

Dan Le Batard recently wrote a piece in the Miami Herald on this topic.

“The fascinating gulf between Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat is filled with possible landmines and conflict that can change relationships, legacies and feelings. On one side, sentiment and family and warmth. On the other side, business and finance and cold. What is best for Wade is not necessarily what is best for the Heat, and that’s where these things can get messy and hurtful in the emotion business. Never mind the millions. How insulting is it, after everything Wade has done for Miami, if, say, the Knicks or Pistons publicly value Wade at the end more than the Heat does?

Before heading down this path, though, here are a handful of interesting basketball things you may not have known, according to sources who do know:

▪ It was LeBron James, not Wade, who first made real the possible paradigm shift with three superstars playing together in Miami. James broached the subject…”
Read more HERE 

Stephen A. Smith talks about Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat on Sports Center



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