Biscayne world - aholsniffsglue

If you could fathom for one moment, that Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas met Bebe’s Kids at bus stop in Miami…well, let’s just say that wouldn’t even prepare you for the colorful mindfuck that is Biscayne World.
After a series of shitty events local iconic graffiti Artist, Aholsniffsglue takes us on an 11 minute kaleidoscopic adventure through Miami’s very own Biscayne Boulvard.
Through this psychedelic expedition via Miami’s lovely transportation system Aholsniffsglue encounters several vivaciously dynamic characters. This short film is also sprinkled with booty poppin’ tunes that were contributed by the ever so richly Miami local artist Otto Von Schirach.
Biscayne World made Vimeo’s top videos this week. It’s such a treat to have Miami put on the Map in such a diverse compilation that incorporates several different mediums including drawings, film and animation. If you ever found yourself to be homesick and needed to be shot up with a dose of Miami, this quick flick would be you’re best bet. Bad driving, cursing and some of the most interesting humans around with some ratchetness to fill in the blank spaces makes this all the Miami thirst quenching you need.

BISCAYNE WORLD from Borscht on Vimeo.

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