Avaricious: The Story of Will

“I’m nearly 30 years old selling dubs of powder AND broke at that!” – Will

Avaricious: The Story of Will is a short film that takes you on a journey that we’re all too familiar with. That moment you look at where you are in life vs where you want to be. To making the biggest move of your life. It’s easy to immerse yourself  in the story from the beginning until the end. If you are from Miami then you know someone like Will or Dro. Avaricious: The Story of Will is dope with all the right elements. The sound track is laced with Miami artists Mayday, Davincci, and others. Which was a great touch complimenting the mood of the film. It’s 20 minutes well spent. Written and Directed by Michael Garcia of Crazy Hood Film Academy.

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Jorge Larrea
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