Eenie Meenie Miney Moe – A Jokes Flick

Eenie Meenie Miney Moe is a modern Romeo and Juliet story set in Miami, FL with a mix of deception, grand theft auto, drugs, chop shops, and tow trucks. The soundtrack is filled with some of Miami’s local talent: The Spam Allstars, and MayDay! and entertaining arcade sound bites throughout the movie. Miami is known for its night life, exclusive clubs, and popular bars from the outside looking in. Behind the scenes everyone is hustling to eat in one way or another. It’s as simple as supply and demand. The nightlife is an opportunity to make a lot of fast money.

Raul (Andres Dominguez) is a tow truck driver that hustles day and night, legal or illegal. He wants it all and what he finds in cars he’s towed (drugs, guns, gift bags, etc) is sold through his friends or “business partners” depending on your point of view. Marco (David Lago) working in the hotel and hospitality, his legitimate, 9-5 uses the streets as his side gig. Lisa (Kristine Cecelia) is Raul’s female counter part (The Bonnie to his Clyde) that helps him move the weight he finds in the cars. Jimmy (Oscar Torre) is the club owner you love to hate for many reasons. Vladimir (J. Bishop) is the valet at a South Beach Hotel that is always with his 3 man gang of Russian decent. He has delusions of grandeur and dreams of being part of the Russian mob.

It’s a big world and Miami is a small place. At some point everybody’s story crosses paths. Raul finds love as he hustles to the top and the repercussions of fast money and drugs. It catches up to everyone in the end. In Miami we all know someone in the movie maybe like Raul, Lisa, Jimmy, Vladimir or his lackeys. Maybe even all of them. The fast paced romantic drama of Eenie Meenie Miney Moe is just one of the many stories in Miami.  The rolls were played very well by the cast and being from Miami the story plays very well into the city. The nightlife is no joke and if you have been to Miami or live in Miami then you know that tow trucks are as serious to deal with as the cops.  Definitely recommend this film to anyone.

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