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Elysium is a great addition to the summer movie line up. This scifi story takes us to the near future where poverty is a global issue and the wealthy have moved to a space station that orbits the earth with a  great view of the universe. Elysium resembles a human Halo ring where high society is well taken care of by androids and the kind of health care that doesn’t allow you to age. Androids serve as both servants and as police.  Their technology on Elysium can cure any ailment.


Max (Matt Damon) is an ex-con with a reputation of being one of the best car thieves and trouble makers in the neighborhood.After an accident at the factory he works at. Max is exposed to a deadly amount of radiation poisoning and given a few days to live. To ease the pain he’s given some pain medicine but death is eminent. Knowing that his only chance of getting through this is by going to Elysium Max, like most of Earths inhabitance, looks for a ride to Elysium for a cure. Earth has a group of rebels which attempt time and time again to reach Elysium. They are not  always successful but when a ship does make it past the space stations defenses. They are greeted by android officers and sent back to Earth.


While Max (Matt Damon) makes to meet with the leader of the rebellion to make a deal to hitch a ride to Elysium there  is a plot to overthrow the current hierarchy on the space station. The creator of the androids and an ambitious Jody Foster plan a coo to take over Elysium with one rewrite program and that’s when the story  gets interesting.

The special effects for Elysium are incredible with great attention to detail to everything from spaceships, landscapes  on Earth and on Elysium.The story line is decent with a few things I could do without but is definitely worth watching  on the big screen. Word has it that Eminem turned down the role of Max (played by Matt Damon). Now looking at the story line in retrospect I think Eminem would have been a great lead in Elysium. He did a great job in 8 Mile and this role would have brought some raw energy to the screen.  Either way it turned out to be much better than expected. Make sure to catch it on the big screen while you can.


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