White Lotus Productions – Written and Directed by: Lou Simon

I was lucky enough to watch the screening of HazMat with the cast and crew of the film at the Paragon 13 movie theater in Coconut Grove (which is awesome by the way). I didn’t know what to expect from the film.

Hazmat 2

If you’re a fan of old school horror movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, ANY of the Alfred Hitchcock films to name a few. Then you have to agree that horror films nowadays are not in the same league. Horror films lack that… cult feel to them, at least 90% of the ones released. That’s where HazMat takes a step back into the cult realm. It has that feel. It’s not the most frightening movie there is but you do feel the suspense and want to start screaming at the characters on the screen.

Hazmat 1

HazMat revolves around an indie production company that has a show called “Scare Antics” where they give people an opportunity to punk friends with a good scare. Nice friend’s right? The director, David (Todd Bruno) and production team set up the scare with hidden cameras all over the abandoned building. The target for this “scare” is Jacob (Norbert Velez). His friends Adam (Reggie Peters), Melanie (Gema Calero), and Carla (Daniela Larez) want to give him a good scare in hopes of having him break out of his quiet yet creepy shell. After the Scare Antics team sets up for the prank the friends arrive and things begin to get bloody.

hazmat poster

At first I was rooting for the cast to escape but soon after I was cheering for Hazmat to slaughter then all except Melanie, she was too funny. As far as a rating goes I’m not giving it a rating. Lets be honest who am I to rate anything? I do recommend catching this film as soon as you get an opportunity to do so. Watch for it, you may see it screening in a town near you or screening at a Film Festival sometime soon.

(Side note / Rant) This is the kind of film that makes you a fan of cult films. I hope there is a sequel in the works at some point. It was funny to hear Lou Simon thank her mother and say “Thank you for always pushing me to write. I wanted to write ‘Gone with the Wind part II” but it turned into this (HazMat)”.

It was great to meet the writer and director of the film Lou Simon, which is very pretty, and a few members of the crew. You can feel the excitement in the room before the film started. After the film Lou Simon gave Norbert Velez and the cast a big thank you for their work in the film. Congrats to the cast and crew.

If we were talking about horror films and you said something like “Man I remember when I first saw Freddy Krueger on the screen I was scared.” I would agree and give you a high five. As a kid it kind of freaked me out too. Now if you were to say “I remember when Paranormal Activity…” I’d smack you and walk away before you finished that sentence. Those movies were not good. Especially the last one… I’ll never get that time of my life back.

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