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Jobs is the movie your going to love to hate. Grabbing your attention from the very beginning when Steve Jobs introduces the iPod. That seems so long ago especially when you see so many iPads, iPhones, mini iPods and other tech around you day to day. It’s one of the many incredible speeches that Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) has given while introducing something new. Who would have known that one device would have been such a hit? After the opening scene with Steve Jobs introducing the iPod we meet a young Steve Jobs waking up in college. Apparently he’s dropped out and is a genius hippie that walks around campus, even though he dropped out, with professors asking him to sit in their class.




Ashton Kutcher does a great as Steve Jobs. The film takes through the experience of starting  one of the first computer companies and shows you the kind of determination needed to accomplish it. Steve Jobs was focused on his vision and per the film he was a sharp, cold blooded business man. Focused on turning the opportunity into a successful reality. He recruited his friends in the neighborhood and   set up shop in the garage of of his parents  house. The first home of Apple and soon after selling his first order he began on the second model Apple II. When he was told “It’s impossible” his response was “Then start over and make it possible”.


movies_ashton_kutcher_josh_gad_wozniak_steve_jobs_1Early in the film we learn one very important feature to Steve Jobs. He has a very, very, very short temper. It’s almost like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. But in the business world that Steve Jobs was conquering it’s that temper that had everyone of their toes. We first see it while he is working for Atari and flips out on a programmer for not being able to make the game in color. He realizes then that he can’t work for anyone. He has to be the boss to get things done. The outburst opens an opportunity for him to finish a game called Pong. Which is when we meet the man behind the legacy Steve Jobs has left behind. With the help of Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad) the game Pong is finished hence earning Steve Jobs a $5,000 bonus. Which he turns around and gives Steve Wozniak $350 for the work and pockets the rest. It’s funny to see that Steve Wozniak was a trekkie which Steve Jobs wasn’t and didn’t want to hear anything about the show he was focused on the future. 

jOBS was a good movie but it has a lot of plot holes with no explinations. The flow of the movie felt like large portions were deleted or you had to read the book before watching. It’s a good film though and the reason is very simple. Although i left the theater upset at the guy because how he treated his friends and associates. I wanted to know more about Steve Jobs and if he was indeed the cold hearted business man that painted in the film existed. Had a discussion about the film while searching on line for information on Steve Jobs. The acting was good and on point but there were too many holes in the story for me to watch in the theater again but it was a good movie.



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