Riddick starts on an unknown planet similar to the one from Pitch Black (1st Riddick movie) deserted, hot, and baron. From the beginning Riddick (Vin Diesel) seems a bit defeated and in bad shape. Probably the worst shape in the Riddick series. That doesn’t last long as Riddick puts the pieces together on how he ended up there.

riddickAfter becoming the Necromongers new Lord Marshall, Vaako (Karl Urban) sets Riddick up and… ends up being double crossed and left for dead on some baron planet. After some time Riddick walks around naked, hunts for food, finds a pet, and a new enemy keeping from getting to a more habitable part of his terrain. Now with a companion, Riddick adopts a dog. He find An abandoned mercenary base. There’s an emergency distress button and he knows that if he pushes it not only does he have to fight the planets inhabitants but which ever mercenaries that answer the distress signal. That’s when the movie gets interesting.

Two mercenary teams arrive almost immediately ready to collect the bounty on Riddicks head which id doubled if he’s brought in dead. 1st team lead by Santana (Jordi Nable) which seems like the street gang member with his goons. Santana’s second in command is Diaz (Dave Batista, yes Batista the wrestler) which is as deadly as he is silly. The 2nd team to arrive is lead by Boss Johns (Matt Nable) and his team with Dahl (Katee Sackhoff) as his second in command. The two groups are at odds with each other with their own agendas and ulterior motives fueling them.

Riddick and pup

It’s not a bad movie but there are tiny holes in the story which aren’t too big of a deal. There is a lot of great dialog between the characters with witty comebacks, smart ass remarks, some comedy, action, and suspense waiting to see what Riddicks next move is. If you’re a fan of the series then you know how meticulous he can be when hunting those that are hunting him. The film does not disappoint but does leave you feel like “Ok I get it any planet that’s not populated with humanoids has kind of the same creatures all over it that hunt whoever is around. It’s like Pitch Black part two. It would have been good to see less of the “nice” Riddick but the film seems to be a step on a ladder leading to a bigger movie. I hope when the make the next Riddick movie it has something to do with the Necromongers and Furya (Riddicks home world).  It’s a good time at the theater but I can’t help but wonder if it would have made a better DVD release…



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