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March 6, 2013

NEWS: R.I.P. Mic Rippa


R.I.P. Mic Rippa

Miami has many pioneers and legends which helped shape the Hip-Hop scene in the city. One of them was Mic Rippa who recently passed away. I personally didn’t know him but knew of him. I’d rather quote those that knew him. The two best sources I found were Gamertagradio.com and Crazyhood.com

If your a 305 hip hop connoisseur you should know of or heard by now of the death of Mic Rippa known to a lot of us as just Steve. Steve aka Mic Rippa’s contribution to Miami’s young but vibrant hip hop scene came in the form of wax releases in the mid 90’s produced by the likes of the Beatnuts (youngins google the Beatnuts if you don’t know their place in hip hop!), his work with DMC World Champion (and fellow local) DJ Craze and his persistent presence backed by his label Roly Roll Records. The cause of death is not quite clear as of yet but regardless of how he passed away its safe to say Miami hip hop has lost one of its own. Mic Rippa’s passing has caused me to analyze the out pour of love and support a lot of people have for this one time Miami shinning star. I take issue with the fact that Miami has had and still has a fledgling local scene that seems to lack a real support base. Why must it take a death for someone to finally receive the praise and support they should of received in life! I hope that people take stock of what can be lost and start to support and enjoy these artist while they are here putting in work. If you have no idea who Mic Rippa is and want to know more about him and the era he comes from check out the following links DJ EFN ‘Miami’s lost Hip Hop Scene’ and Gamertag Radio’s Tribute to Mic Rippa. Shout to The305 for providing the hi res image we used above. My thoughts and prayers go out to Steve’s family! R.I.P. – via Crazyhood.com

Download the tribute up  by Godfree of GamertagRadio

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