V-Moda “Faders” High Fidelity Earplugs


V-Moda Faders Ear Amor 2

Let me begin by saying that I love live music and usually I’m in front of the stage snapping pictures with the speaker decks blasting in front of me. Needless to say that I walk out of most venues with my ears ringing and close to losing my voice from attempting to have a conversation over the music. Wearing the orange squishy earplugs isn’t a favorite of the things to do at a show. V-Moda “Faders” are the answer.

I recently went to the Pusha-T show at Grand Central Miami in Downtown. It was the perfect setting to give the V-Moda Faders a road test. Like any club you walk into the music was blaring. The Fader earplugs fit like a glove and come with a detachable chord. Which makes them look like a pair of headphones. They come with a small case for easy storage.  Their unique design filters noise levels that are harmful to your ears and there’s nothing worse than the ringing in your ear after the show lasting more than a day. That is where the true test comes in. They performed great in the club while standing in front of the stage with the speaker decks blaring. The true test came once I left the club and took the ear plugs off… my ears were not ringing at all, perfect.

$20 = Bliss

V-Moda Faders Ear Amor 3 V-Moda Faders Ear Amor 5

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