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February 1, 2013

SPORTS: Dan Marino – The answer to all of the controversy


SPORTS: Dan Marino – The answer to all of the controversy

I’m sure you have heard about the Dan Marino controversy about him having a child with someone outside his marriage and all. I’ve been listening to sports radio and have heard things from side of the spectrum to the next. 305 Magazine feels one way about the Dan Marino controversy and one way only.


Has the media gone from reporting news and sports to reporting gossip? I mean Dan Sileo went on the air and was upset that Miami media didn’t cover this before New York did. Guess what Mr. Sileo? If you haven’t noticed we’re about FOOTBALL not gossiping like little girls in 3rd grade. If you want gossip go to PerezHitlon.com. I think only ONE question needs to be asked.

Has Dan Marino taken care of his kids? The answer is… Yes. So whats the big deal?!

There isn’t a big deal here. Look folks athletes are human and have a life off the field and courts. Some party like rock stars with rock stars and others don’t. Who are YOU to judge? I hope I speak for many of us in Miami when I say “Who Cares about this?!” If it was upto me I’d shake Dan’s hand for taking care of his kids and not being a dead beat dad/athlete. We still love Dan Marino and everything he has done for the Miami Dolphins and the sport of Football. If you feel different about that then you’re a gossiping little b#tch that should go iron her skirt.

I bet they don’t even talk about it during the SuperBowl… because its GOSSIP not SPORTS JOURNALISM!!

I had to vent. Check the videos from ESPN.

Miami LOVES Dan Marino, nuff said.

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