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June 21, 2013



Miami Heat 2013 NBA Champions


MIAMI HEAT WIN THE NBA FINALS! What a great game! I have to say the San Antonio Spurs are a class act. Not only are they an incredible team with great leadership but, they are great sportsmen. Now this doesn’t mean that it was an easy series for the Miami Heat. It wasn’t. As a matter of fact not a soul in Miami was nervous throughout the regular NBA season. The confidence levels were through the roof! Then after destroying the Pacers we met the Spurs. That’s when the Miami Heat bandwagon started to lose weight. “Fans” started to have doubts about their teams future against the Spurs. So much so that this series has shown the clear divide between being a bandwagon fan and a real Miami Heat fan that will stand by their team no matter the score. The Spurs has Miami Heat fans shook. At the end of it all the Miami Heat made a great team effort and pulled through an incredible series. It was an incredible ending to such an amazing season! We are looking at the beginning of a dynasty.

Check the videos below for full recap of the game, highlights, celebration, and more!

Pots and Pans Street Party pics coming soon so stay tuned!

LeBron James Speech

Full Highlights

LeBron James’ jumper seals the championship!

Miami Heat receive Finals Trophy & LeBron is Finals MVP!

Top 5 Plays of the Night


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