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January 25, 2015

Video: Miami Marine Stadium


Miami Marine Stadium

The Miami Marine Stadium was always considered a lost treasure in Miami. Locals knew it as a penit where graff artists would create impressive pieces. What it used to be has become a legend. Thank God for public support to bring this jewel back to life. Most importantly thank the creative spirit of every artist thats put their name or work up on those walls. With that said I’ve searched for a couple of videos taken of the Miami Marine Stadium. I was really only interested in seeing the graffiti and who’s work I recognized. What I found was a history lesson. Not only were there dozens of videos but each told a story, gave you a bit of Miami history, with their video of the Miami Marine Stadium.It was a attraction for boat enthusiasts of all kinds and concerts. Then hurricane Andrew happened and the doors shut. It was the end of an era and the birth of another. Abandoned for 20 years the Miami Marine Stadium became a canvas. The videos below are pretty dope. There are a few so check them ALL out. Hit me up via twitter and let me know what you thought of the videos. I loved them. If you or a friend have any videos you’d like us to share send me the link.

Make it a point to go out and see the Miami Marine Stadium once it reopens to the public. It’s a piece of history with a great story and its written on the walls, before its painted over.

The Abandoned Miami Marine Stadium


National Treasures Spotlight: Miami Marine Stadium

Concrete Paradise: Miami Marine Stadium


Miami Marine Stadium Timelapse


Miami Marine Stadium – Abandoned Graffiti Filled Ampitheatre

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